Franchisee distribution involves granting the rights to operate a business under an established brand name and business model to individuals or entities, known as franchisees.

To become a franchisee, you need to express your interest in a specific franchise opportunity, complete an application process, meet the franchise requirements, and enter into a franchise agreement with the franchisor.

As a franchisee, you can expect support from the franchisor in various areas such as training, marketing, operations, and ongoing assistance to help you establish and run your franchise business successfully.

Financial obligations may include an initial franchise fee, ongoing royalty or licensing fees, and contributions to advertising or marketing funds. The specific financial details will be outlined in the franchise agreement.

Dealership distribution refers to the process of appointing authorized dealers to sell products or services on behalf of a manufacturer or supplier

To become a dealership, you typically need to submit an application to the manufacturer or supplier, meet their requirements, and enter into a dealership agreement. The specific process may vary depending on the industry and company.

As a dealership, you can expect support from the manufacturer or supplier in terms of product training, marketing materials, after-sales service, and ongoing guidance to help you effectively promote and sell their products.

Some manufacturers or suppliers may assign exclusive territories to dealerships, while others may have open territories or overlapping territories. The specifics will be outlined in the dealership agreement.

Investor connection involves connecting potential investors with investment opportunities, whether in existing businesses, startups, real estate, or other ventures, based on their investment preferences and goals.

You can access investor connections by engaging with our company's network and services. We provide a platform where investors and investment opportunities can connect and explore potential collaborations.

We offer a wide range of investment opportunities, including established businesses seeking expansion, franchise opportunities, emerging startups, real estate ventures, and other potential investment avenues.

Yes, our team can assist you throughout the investment process, providing guidance, due diligence support, and connecting you with relevant professionals to ensure informed decision-making, but it is add on services, if you wish you can opt for it.

A business buy/sell opportunity refers to the chance to purchase an existing business or sell your own business to interested buyers.

You can utilize our company's network and services to find businesses for sale or connect with potential buyers. We facilitate the process by matching interested parties and providing a platform for negotiations.

When buying a business, factors to consider include the industry, financial performance, growth potential, existing customer base, competition, location, assets, and liabilities. Conducting thorough due diligence is crucial.

Valuing a business involves considering factors such as financial performance, assets, liabilities, market conditions, industry trends, and comparable sales. Our team can assist you in determining the appropriate valuation. or you can also opt to valuate your business from professional business valuer from third party or our alliance party.

Our Company offers a range of management services, which may include business consulting, operational improvements, marketing strategies, financial analysis, human resources support, and other customized solutions to address specific business needs.

To avail our management services, you can contact our team, discuss your requirements, and we will assess how we can best assist you. We will then propose a tailored plan and engage in the agreed-upon services. or if your required service is listed in other services panel then you can simply go to your profile click on "add on" option and enquire about required service.

Finding agents for your business involves identifying and recruiting individuals or entities who can act as representatives or intermediaries to promote and sell your products or services in specific markets or regions.

Engaging agents can help expand your business reach into new markets, leverage their local knowledge and networks, increase sales and distribution channels, and establish a presence in regions where establishing a direct presence may be challenging or costly.

Our Company has a network of potential agents, and we utilize our resources, industry connections, and expertise to identify and connect you with suitable agents who align with your business objectives and target markets.

When selecting agents, we consider factors such as their experience in your industry, their track record in sales and distribution, their understanding of the target market, their network of contacts, and also find as per your specific need.

Intermediary means if your business needs any intermediary like Agents, Brokers, Dealers Distributors etc then register your business there.